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Automatic Setworks
                       Touch Screen Setworks                      Standard Setworks
Streamline your mill with our computerized setworks. Increase effieciency and get rid of the headache of doing the math, let the computer do it! With one touch of a button, the saw head will lower to a preset depth. You donít have to do it manually and there are none of the usual fine adjustments required when doing it by eye.
For Your Band Mill Get the control you have always wanted!
  • 12 + programmable set points
  • Recall returns to adjustable set point
  • Digital display
  • Exact positioning of saw blade
  • Definable units, (i.e. Inches, cm, etc.)
  • User friendly setup and usage
  • Adaptable to all movable head saws
  • Contact closure output for hydraulic or electrical control applications
  • Factory configurable for custom applications