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Custom Products


Power Panel

Dairy VFD

Production Monitor



Network Production Monitor

Production Monitor Demo
Monitor your mill’s minute by minute throughput from your computer
  • Information is stored and available in a standard MS Access database format, exportable to other formats
  • Internet accessible
  • Webserver provides website with real time production information
  • Remote monitoring
  • Emailed shift reports
  • Expandable - additional machines can be added by plugging them into the network
  • Multiple monitoring stations Options
  • PDA monitoring
  • Emailed emergency messages to standard email or cell phone

  • Stand Alone Production Monitor
  • Provides daily cumulative lineal footage
  • Displays current feet/min
  • Resetable
  • Total downtime between shifts/resets
  • 2 line LCD display, Options: Encoder wheels 6”- 8” & 3” or 4” Digital Display